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Standout Track: No. 14, “Greenland Pt. 2,” a Cure-meets-Joy Division exercise in lyrical ambiguity. “I’m going to believe that the truth is unkind/And resurrect the world in a passion play,” sings guitarist Jamie Green in a husky baritone that’s more tuneful, but no less disillusioned, than Ian Curtis’. An extended break describes a lonely Arctic journey: “I pray to a bird god in black and white.…A fox spoke to me.…He said that the world was made to die!” As the expansive tune clocks out at 6:28, Green shouts “Born to run” with a fervor that would make the Boss proud.

Musical Motivation: “It’s a long, epic song, sort of about the same things as ‘Born to Run,’?” says Green, 26, a 16th Street Heights resident who writes all of Greenland’s material. The track, he says, is about a “quarter-life crisis,” a “hermetic journey,” and “a breakup.” The “Born to Run” quote was first improvised at a show. “I wonder if we’ll get sued,” Green muses.

Even Stevens: Green’s lyrical influences go beyond rock icons. “I did a lot of stuff with colors using the same color scheme as Wallace Stevens,” Green says, name-checking the insurance lawyer/modernist poet. Like Stevens, Green leads a double life: He works at Freddie Mac, where he says there’s “surprisingly little” discussion of the subprime mortgage crisis. So he’s not empowered by helping so many people achieve their dreams of homeownership? “I don’t feel like that right now,” Green says. The band plays a release party for Call Message on Friday, June 22, at Iota Club & Café.