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The article “Buzz Kill” by Franklin Schneider (6/15) was completely and thoroughly captivating and quite alarming. I am sure the EPA gets hundreds if not thousands of requests from conspiracy theorists every month on its environmental and health actions. For that I can sympathize. It seems, though, that there is enough cause to independently research the CCD-imidacloprid topic completely to a firm conclusion.

The situation gets murkier, however, with the confluence of beyond-huge corporations (no, I am not a big corp hater) and a government agency that relies on, for approval, the for-profit organization to substantiate its claims with little or no governmental in-house research. Hopefully, like the French, we will at least do due diligence and start the discussion in the arenas where straightforward research will lead to environmental and healthy consequences for man and beast.

Kudos to France for banning imidacloprid pesticides. If the vineyards of France were unable to thrive, life would surely be unbearable!

Dan Wright
Stafford, Va.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Furor

What an interesting, eye opening article on the arsonist (“Letters From an Arsonist,” 6/1). It was very well-written. Youngin’s Towing owner James Gee (City Desk, “Gee Not Always So Friendly to Cops,” 6/1) needs to have his business license revoked. I am a towing operator, and he is giving us a bad name with the police departments. Most towers have worked hard to have a good image in the public eye. This just makes us all look bad.

Rob Duvall
Gaithersburg, Md.

Clean and Saveur

I wanted to write you in support of Restaurant Kolumbia (Pleading the Filth, 6/8). I used to work at the restaurant as a full-time server for almost two years. I know chef/owner Jamie Stachowski to be the most diligent, almost obsessive, chef I’ve seen when it comes to keeping that kitchen clean. In fact, the entire establishment is clean and sanitary, and I have and would continue to take people there as in my opinion he’s one of the best chefs in the city. I have nothing to gain by writing this as I no longer work there or in the District itself.

The owners have long worked towards making their restaurant a success and this unfair and simply incorrect (when it comes to cleanliness) published notice could harm them irrevocably. It’s almost as if someone is purposefully “out to get them.” I hope your erroneous reporting has not reached the bulk of their fine-dining clientele.

Jill McGeorge
Conshohocken, Pa.