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To reveal the rhythmatist, click on the face you suspect belongs to the tub-thumper. (And, no, it’s not Chumbawamba.)

How to win a T-shirt:

  • Tell us the name of the band. Or…
  • Tell us which band member will quit the band, and why. Or…
  • Tell us which band member will be fired, and why. Or…
  • Tell us something we need to know about the photo.

Answer any or all of those questions to our satisfaction and a stylin’ T-shirt is yours. E-mail your best guess to webmeister@washcp.com.

LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY BAND (Click link to refresh your memory.)

Our chief beef with this page is when nobody bothers to write in with even an approximation of a clever guess. Which means nobody seems to care about CHIEF BEEF. But the band has many MySpace friends, even beyond its Phoenix hometown.

Interesting that Deep Purple’s Ian Paice turns 59 on Friday, June 29, while Butch Miles—who is actually four years younger as of Wednesday, July 4—spent his entire drumming career not as a rocker but with big jazz bands, notably the Count Basie Orchestra.

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