Lucky Carryout

1430 Pennsylvania Ave. SE

Closed: June 14

Reopened: June 16

History: Lucky Carryout was closed for one day in 2005 for rodent droppings and unclean shelves and freezers.

Health Department Says: Operating a food establishment with gross unsanitary occurrence or condition that may endanger public health including but not limited to heavy infestation of vermin.

Business Says: Vermin? What vermin? According to Lucy Liu—yes, her real name—who works behind the carousel where you trade your dollars for pork fried rice, the Chinese takeout shop has never had mice, rats, cockroaches, or even flies. “No, no, no, no,” she says. “It’s good. Everything is clean. It’s always clean.” Then why the shutdown? “I don’t know what happened. It’s no problem,” Liu says. Then Liu goes to talk to a woman she says is the manager about the violations. “She not tell me nothing,” she says when she returns.