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LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY BAND (Click link to refresh your memory.)

Gleek‘s Jon Hamblin continues to give the Man From the Future a run for his money, offering this assessment:

“Rain Crab disbands after its single ‘Golden Showers’ finds an alternative crowd more from the Personals Wild Side Matches than from the music pages of the City Paper (where there is no Spot the Drummer link).”

Hmmm…duly noted. And we know our faithful readers are a wild bunch.

Possibly as wild as last week’s band, SMOKE OR FIRE. The “brainy punks” from Boston insist that their “sound remains true,” that sound being “elements of Americana,” with “hints of the Replacements and Springsteen.” SoF will be at Ram’s Head on Aug. 16.

Best week ever for drummer birthdays? Perhaps, starting with legendary Louis Bellson‘s on Friday, July 6. Also celebrating that day is original Santana swinger Michael Shrieve. The next day, a certain Ringo will blow out more than 64 candles, but we still love him. The day after that, Sunday, July 8, Allman Brothers co-drummer Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson will kick out the jams. And on the 9th, the man who matched Hendrix note-for-note, Mitch Mitchell turns 60. (Did everyone catch Monterey Pop at the AFI Silver?) Finally, Tuesday, July 10, Wings-man Denny Seiwell will live and let the candles die.

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