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No. 2, “Trying to Remember a Dream,” a sunny, Kinks-ian pop tune full of chiming guitar, ringing vibraphone, and a propulsive bridge that also recalls the Shins. The lyrics, on the other hand, sound like a bad night out with Townes Van Zandt. “Star of the play/Stepped on stage and then broke a leg/Went in for a surgery/Woke up amputee,” sings songwriter-guitarist Dan Scheuerman. “Life’s all about moving on once your will is gone.”


“Dream” was the product of a post-college slump, says Scheuerman, 25, of Mount Pleasant. After graduating from the University of Maryland, he stumbled upon the words to the song’s chorus while his life had become decidedly unmoored. “You wake up, and you’re living a decadent post-college lifestyle, and it’s hard to remember your dreams because you’re always fucked up,” says Scheuerman. “Each verse is on a different facet of the same theme—forgetting what you’re all about.”


“I’m in a much better place than I was at that time,” says Scheuerman, whose spirits have been buoyed by Deleted Scenes’ recent tour of the Midwest and East Coast. The band has upcoming recording dates with J. Robbins in Baltimore as well—good news that leaves Scheurman ready to disown the sentiments of “Dream” and other songs he wrote at the same time. “The record that song is on is more reflective of intellectual masturbation—bullshit ironies that are maybe true,” he says. “At the time when I wrote them, I thought maybe that was profound. Now I’m like, Get over yourself, dude.”

Deleted Scenes headlines the Black Cat on Thursday, July 19.