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“Ramped Down” (7/13) may be about the Banneker Recreation Center being closed for repairs slated to be finished last October still dragging on while the youth, out of school for the summer with idle time on their hands, are starting to behave disruptively. But it is really a microcosm of what is wrong with how the city government operates.

In mid-May, the city promised to open Banneker in 30 to 40 days, which did not happen; then the city scheduled summer camp registration, but parents arrived to a closed facility; instead, agency staff called parents with a promise to bus the children to another rec center but did not arrange it until days after the camp was supposed to open.

Exposing these examples of D.C. government incompetence and highhandedness is a City Paper specialty. But examples like these are the norm, not the exception. The real problem is that the people complain but tolerate it! They keep reelecting the government that keeps giving them this level of service. If people want better government, they need only look back to the pre-home-rule system and wonder whether services were delivered better under that system because it was not beholden to so tolerant an electorate.

Dino Drudi
Michigan Park


Due to an error by Managing Editor Andrew Beaujon, Ronald and Deloris Dickson’s last name was misspelled in a photo caption accompanying last week’s Show & Tell column.