Business and pleasure easily mix for Charlie Gaynor, a D.C.-area Realtor who moonlights as a photographer. Gaynor loves old houses—the peeling paint, the worn façades, the paneled staircases—and when he is not selling them, he is photographing them, here and in Paris. His latest show at Long View Gallery, “Saturated View,” focuses on color, with some of the works named simply by what hues appear within. Pink, Blue and Yellow is a carefully cropped scene of two bright Paris storefronts with a residence in the middle. Many of the unadorned streetscapes echo the building-block form of Sean Scully’s abstract paintings, but others concentrate on posters and billboards plastered on walls or items for sale in store windows. Gaynor’s photos are safe but allegorical—in Moonscape, a building façade with weathered blue paint and a circular decorative molding becomes the moon presiding over a cloudy night sky. Think Pink, despite the inane title, is one of the most beautiful shots of the bunch—a scene of a blighted pink room, with sheets of pink paint peeling off the ceiling like falling autumn leaves. Gaynor’s fixation on certain buildings is evident, as several structures, particularly a pink Parisian poster store and a teal staircase landing, appear multiple times in the show. But even with each repeat, the viewer is compelled to examine every paint chip and torn poster with fresh eyes. The exhibition is on view from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, to Saturday, Sept. 8, at Long View Gallery, 1302 9th St. NW. Free. (202) 232-4788.