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Thanks for the interesting article on George Parker and the Washington Teachers’ Union (“Union Jacked,” 7/27). As a DCPS parent for almost 11 years, my kids have attended two elementary, one middle, and two high schools. They have had outstanding teachers in all of their schools, and they have had a few duds. My No. 1 complaint has been the difficulty in getting rid of substandard teachers. When I once asked one of my child’s teachers if she had been able to use the science kits donated by the Carnegie Institution, she snapped back, “They’re all the way in the back of the closet, and I can’t reach them.” Parents were happy to help, but that wasn’t the point. I can’t help but feel some teachers are biding their time until retirement at the expense of our children. It’s time for them to move on.

Last year, I served on the Local School Restructuring Team at Hardy Middle School. Last spring, Hardy applied to the pilot school program (a collaboration between DCPS and the WTU) mentioned in your article. We have actually met with George Parker twice throughout the application process, and Hardy was chosen to participate in the pilot school program. This is a step in the right direction, and I am optimistic about school reform under Chancellor Rhee and George Parker.

Helen Hagerty
Cathedral Heights

Left off the Dial

I really enjoyed the article about Petey Greene (“Talk to Her,” 8/3). It was well-written and truly informative. I saw Talk to Me, and although I know from experience that the depiction of Mr. Greene was not totally accurate, I would have never known how truly inaccurate the portrayal of Mr. Greene’s character in the movie was had it not been for this article. Thanks!

Adren L. Harris
Springfield, Va.