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Standout Track: “Rock n Roll No Rules,” a short (2:29), fast, and repetitive track on which drummer Travis Jackson, keyboardist Rebecca Dye, and guitarist Geo White fuse the Stooges’ avant-garage with Big Black’s relentless pounding. White’s titular rallying cry pulls double-duty on the verse and chorus, but the other unintelligible lyrics are less evocative of R.E.M.’s Chronic Town than your high school band’s version of “Louie Louie.” The Points’ fourth member, Stu “Dr. Mayhem” Gordon, adds theremin treatments.

Musical Motivation: “It’s a jam we put together at practice when everyone was pretty wasted,” says Jackson, a 27-year-old Shaw resident. “It’s a song about having fun, letting loose, leaving inhibitions at home, and having a good time.” Jackson is new to the drum kit—when the Points started two years ago, he “played tambourine and percussion and threw beer at people.” He’s not interested in aping fill-crazy Modern Drummer cover boys. “There’s nothing special—no rolls,” he says. “I’m a fan of primal bashing.”

Skate or DIY: The Points not only endorse hearty partying, they trace their roots to it—the group served as the house band at Shaw’s fabled, short-lived Fight Club skate park (Cheap Seats, “Better Skate Than Never,” 4/6). “A handful of skaters built ramps to have a good time and party to rock ’n’ roll music,” Jackson says of the venue, which shut down earlier this year. Still, the Points remain committed to making something from nothing—quickly. “[Our songs] usually take no time at all,” Jackson says of the process. “We write four or five songs a month.”—Justin Moyer

The Points play the Rock and Roll Hotel Saturday, Aug. 25.