I was disgusted at your paper when I read an article telling about Russians in the United States working as prostitutes on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (“Sorry, No Russian Whores Here,” 8/17). While it is true that many Eastern European people are involved in crimes, it is also true that Eastern European people and their cultures bring many good things to America such as religious traditions from all major faiths, family appreciation, respect for children, and a quality of life from the “old country” that is really missing in the fast-paced environment of the United States.

I have known numerous people from places including the former Soviet Union, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland, and Russia who bring great cultures and languages. Sadly, these are not the ones I see or hear about in the paper.

Kevin Beck
Germantown, Md.

Faith up to the Facts

Tricia Olszewski completely misunderstood in her movie review of David & Layla (8/10). First and foremost, it’s a love story about a couple who for whatever reason fell in love and wanted to get married; however, their individual faiths are preventing them from doing so. This is really an obstacle, because it’s real to them although it may not be to the reviewer or even to me. These two lovers take their individual religions seriously, as well as their families do. Yes, I grant you there does seem to be an inordinate amount of male crotch jokes, but it seems to work throughout the movie, and, honestly, if that’s one of the main things Ms. Olszewski remembered from this beautiful and well-written movie, she would have been better off reviewing one of the Jackass movies, because this movie is apparently way over her head.

Donald Boone
College Park, Md.