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Standout Track:

No. 5, “Kill the Rich Boys I,” a ballad about a no-good man. Accompanied only by her arpeggiated guitar for much of the song, singer Merideth Muñoz metaphorically describes a rapidly souring relationship: “Before the flood came and took/All of my picture books/I had proof/I was once 6-foot-2.”

Musical Motivation:

“It’s about when…you are being manipulated and emotionally and mentally abused, and only later being aware of that,” explains the 25-year-old Sterling resident. A moneyed ex-boyfriend wasn’t Muñoz’s only inspiration—a King Arthur Flour commercial also provided imagery. In the ad, Muñoz recalls, a kid finds an adult lying prone after having eaten too many inferior baked goods. “And now, my face is in the ground,” Muñoz sings. “‘Come and see what I found’/Some kid says.”

Pash Flow:

Muñoz wrote the song about two years ago, performing it solo during Pash’s first tour. Off the road, Muñoz’s bandmates asked her to write them parts, and she obliged with a galloping guitar bridge and the occasional between-verses drum roll. “I don’t think that I’d play it by myself anymore,” she says. “It seems kind of simple to me now; I like it fleshed-out.” The one drawback? Sometimes the rest of the band plays it too fast, and a furiously picking Muñoz finds it hard to keep up. “That happens,” she says. “You always get excited [at shows], but I would prefer to have things faster than slower.” —Sadie Dingfelder

Pash plays the Black Cat on Friday, Aug. 31.