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I WAS STUNNED, SHOCKED, and outraged at the Jonetta Rose Barras article entitled “The Strange World of David Clarke” (9/29). It certainly gave new meaning to the term irresponsible journalism.

Our city is in a crisis and all Washington City Paper can do is attack the one person who has had the guts and integrity to face up to our fiscal crisis—Dave Clarke.

In a time when politicians and politics are viewed with cynicism and distrust, Clarke remains a constant beacon of hope for all, thanks to his personal integrity, intelligence, and intensity of commitment.

The cut of a person is in his or her character, not his or her suit. City Paper is more interested in the veneer, more interested in style and fashion of leadership, than they are in the intelligence, integrity, and compassion of the person.

I shudder to think what some of our past leaders would have had to put up with from the acid tongues of City Paper writers. Could you imagine City Paper‘s critique of Lincoln?

Dupont Circle