Bethesda-based Boomslang’s bio states that band members don’t mind being pigeonholed as “college-rock”-ers. It’s a good thing. “I know a place where there’s a party/We can go, if you can drive,” wails vocalist Kevin McMahon on “Whatsa Matter,” a track from the quartet’s debut, Hue and Cry. The band’s sounds are just as frat-friendly as the lyrical themes advanced by McMahon and lead guitarist Mark Nensel, who split songwriting duties. (Bassist Pete Wiley and Mark Frayman on drums complete the lineup.) McMahon and Nensel have been playing together since 1988, which might explain why they display a similar bent for the sort of melodic, power-chord pop favored by the Gin Blossoms (“Take”) and a flair for Spin Doctors-style freneticism (“Whatsa Matter” and the title track). Boomslang is slated to perform at Chatter’s on Oct. 27 andParker’s on Nov. 4. For more information on the band, call (410) 822-1988.