WGAY-FM’s identity crisis continues. Perhaps tired of the titters created by its swinging call letters—the station was named for its first owner, Connie B. Gay—the Silver Spring, Md.-based station began using the handle “Easy 99.5” about four years ago. In a recent “format evolution,” the station attempted to become “Star 99.5,” but ran into a small problem: Mechanicsville, Md.-based WSMD-FM already called itself “Star 98.3.” WGAY officials say the name copying was accidental, but WSMD sued last month anyway. Now WGAY is “Bright 99.5” and has unleashed actress Teri Garr to entice local TV audiences with a promise that Bright plays no rap music. Meanwhile, WGAY has asked the Federal Communications Commission for permission to replace its 50-year-old call letters with something less evocative.