Pigface is an industrial act with an ever-shifting roster of musicians who pop in (or out) for tours and albums whenever they feel like it. Feels Like Heaven…Sounds Like Shit further clouds the membership issue by presenting a mess of Pigface originals as remixed (and often substantially re-recorded) by various outside contributors. The result has the uneven quality of a tribute disc, but Feels Like Heaven manages a better sense of rhythm than most. Skatenigs and Martin Atkins start things off heavy and grinding with their respective reworkings of “Steamroller” and “Think,” but such metallic turns yield to an advancing techno groove on subsequent tracks. Law & Order’s “Chicksaw” is filled with spacey bloops and Die Warzau’s “Asphole” reverberates with drums and distorted echoes, while Atkins’ take on “Suck” wanders through a variety of Eastern atmospherics. This sort of album inevitably lacks cohesion, but since Pigface has little to begin with, Feels Like Heaven captures the appeal of this “band” rather effectively.