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All you would-be rockers with your crazy hair and your tattoos and your pierced bodies—take a good look at this picture. It is the future of rock ‘n’ roll. Harvey Sid Fisher is a fiftysomething California male model who proves that you can be polite and crisply coiffed and still rock. Fisher has somehow found time to compose a startling series of songs about such hot-button issues as golf and the zodiac. (Sample lyric: “Talkin’ ’bout Taurus, talkin’ ’bout the bully-bull-bull!”) Even if Harvey doesn’t bring the “interpretive” dancers who joined him on his cable-access video, his performance is sure to make you sway gently to his discreet sounds. The toe-tapping begins at 6 p.m. at Vinyl Ink Records, 955 Bonifant St., Silver Spring. FREE. (301) 588-4695. (Dave Nuttycombe)