Most inner-city neighborhoods rejoice at the prospect of a new grocery store, but some Cleveland Park residents have banded together to fight plans to open a Magruder’s in their local “park and shop,” because the competition might endanger an existing store. Brookville Supermarket, an independent grocery located across from the Uptown theater, may sell lackluster produce, but the store earned residents’ loyalty in 1987 when a local Safeway closed and no other chain dared move into the neighborhood. Cleveland Park civic leader Roger Burns and other residents have suggested the new store might not be a neighborhood asset, which has Magruder’s management feeling rather testy. Before hanging up abruptly on a reporter last week, Mark Polsky, vice president in charge of buying, caustically dismissed the neighbors’ concerns. “They can do whatever they like,” Polsky said. “They have nothing to do with the store.” Burns thinks Magruder’s might be making a retail miscalculation: “If they’re not going to sell to the neighbors, who are they planning to sell to?”