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Wake Up!, the Boo Radleys’ third album of portentous bubble-gum rock, features so many blaring trumpets, it sounds like it was produced by Gabriel himself. Beach Boys-style a cappella harmonies, courtesy of guitarist Martin Carr and lead singer Sice, open the album, before horns blast into this year’s catchiest tune, “Wake Up, Boo!” The Liverpool quartet uses brass like a certain early-’80s, George Michael-fronted haircut band. But songwriter Carr probably wouldn’t shrink from the Wham! comparison, being an avowed fan of synth-pop pioneer Giorgio Moroder and of Britain’s pop-star magazine for teens, Smash Hits. Carr is also fanatical about the Fab Four, and it shows on the Beatlesque choruses of “Find the Answer Within” and “Martin, Doom! It’s Seven O’Clock” (the latter has chords seemingly lifted from “Strawberry Fields”). But Carr’s musical interests are as varied as his lyrically documented mood swings. He envisions pop as “this total sea of possibility,” and dives right in. 1992’s “Lazarus” was a brilliant amalgam of Wham!’s pop, dub’s mysticism, and Dinosaur Jr.’s early noise explosions, and dub again rears its capricious head on the bridges of “Find the Answer Within” and “Martin, Doom!” On Wake Up!, the quiddities that form the Boo Radleys’ aesthetic congeal into a sound that is ’60s- and ’80s-derived, but ’90s-fresh.