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I AM VERY INTERESTED in Mark Oller’s letter (The Mail, 10/27), in which he remarks that Louis Farrakhan’s only offense is “politically incorrect bigotry” and then refers Farrakhan to “liberals who cry bigot and homophobia if anyone disputes gay-lib lies” and “conservative…religious lies which wouldn’t fool a gay-lib dupe.”

Which gay-lib lies is he referring to? The “lie” that people deserve to be evaluated according to their individual character, virtues, and ethics, rather than in terms of their sexual conformity? The “lie” that gay people remain the target of hate and demonization, to the point that Colorado could pass an amendment excluding them from anti-discrimination laws? The “lie” that numerous major contributors to human culture and welfare, whether everyone finds it palatable or not, have been bisexual or gay? The “lie” that sexual orientation is not a determinant of fitness for parenthood, social responsibility, courage, maturity, or whatever?

I am confused. Granted that there will always be party-line, formula thinkers in any social movement, as Oller concedes by bashing liberals and conservatives alike, I find it dismaying that he feels content to dump on gay people twice in one letter that isn’t even about gay issues. Farrakhan sees racism in head counts at the Million Man March, and family-values freaks see bigotry when people justly tell them to MYOB. Someone like Oller sees gay people trying to overcome centuries of opprobrium and—well, what does he see? I think he ought to clear this up.

Arlington, Va.