THANKS TO LOOSE LIPS for alerting D.C. residents about the fate of our city hall (10/27). The John A. Wilson Building has been the official home to our local government since 1908. Shouldn’t the people who call this city home have a chance to learn more about the Monts proposal and plans for this historic and symbolic public building? We are not powerless. We can save city hall. Everyone who honors the memory of John Wilson, the heritage and history of our city, and the importance of municipal government in our democratic system should call or fax his or her councilmember and Chairman David Clarke right now asking for 1.) a delay of the Nov. 7 vote, and 2.) a more public planning process and an open, competitive bidding process.

What’s the rush to a vote on the unsolicited Monts proposal on Nov. 7 (ironically, election day across the country)? Why turn city hall into another federal building on America’s main street? Act now. And then come to the public hearing on Friday, Nov. 3 at 10 a.m. in Room 500 of the Wilson Building. Come together Washington, and let’s save city hall.

Fran Curro Cary

Stephen Sloan

Dupont Circle