Donald Judd was no earthworker, but the minimalist sculptor shared with Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson, and Walter De Maria a penchant for locating important works in the remote American southwest. A journey to Marfa, the dried-up west Texas cowtown that found itself overtaken by Judd’s Chinati Foundation, should only be attempted by the most dedicated of pilgrims. To cull the faithful, the National Gallery of Art is showing German filmmaker Regina Wyrwoll’s TV documentary Bauhaus, Texas—The American Artist Donald Judd, which was shot four months before the artist’s February 1994 death. (Wyrwoll will attend the Nov. 4 screening.) At 12:30 p.m. today & Sunday, 2 p.m. Saturday at the National Gallery of Art’s East Building Auditorium, 4th & Constitution Ave. NW. FREE. (202) 737-4215. (Glenn Dixon)