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Eclipsed as they are by the various current strains of feminism, Betty Friedan‘s arguments in The Feminine Mystique now seem as quaint as the decade that spawned them. Friedan’s look at the how the culture and politics of 1950s middle-class white America disadvantaged women has given way to the postmodern hermeneutics of bell hooks and the radicalisms of Andrea Dworkin. Despite her recent efforts to take on new territory, Friedan seems more like a historical figure than an innovative thinker. So it’s appropriate that she’s speaking at the Smithsonian Institution; her topic will be “On the Brink of the Women’s Movement,” an installment of an eight-part series called “The Fabulous ’50s.” Friedan speaks with radio host George Liston Seay at 8 p.m. at the Ripley Center’s Lecture Hall, 1100 Jefferson Dr. SW. $20. For reservations call (202) 357-3030. (John Cloud)