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I’M DISAOINTED IN THE review given of Bill Cosby’s upcoming show (City Lights, 11/3). According to your review, Cosby is an up-and-coming comedian. Where were you during the ’70s? Do you not remember Fat Albert? OK…how about the ’80s? What about The Cosby Show? Have you not figured out where the syndicated show A Different World came from? Answer: The Cosby Show…named (by no small coincidence, I might add) for its creator and star, Bill Cosby. Cosby was doing stand-up comedy before Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Brett Butler were even out of diapers, and I think he deserves much, MUCH more credit than he was given in your uneducated review. Please do a little homework before you accuse one of the giants of stand-up of being an unexperienced novice.

Lorton, Va. via the Internet