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Be sure to take a nap before going to see this latest installment of the pet detective series, because this a tiring film. But I mean that in the best sense. There is not a single line that Jim Carrey delivers that doesn’t involve painfully impossible contortions, bulging veins, or exhibitions of the interior (and exterior) of his Silly-Putty body. More energetic than Ace 1, When Nature Calls keeps exposition to a minimum and stupidity to a maximum. Again, I mean that in the best sense. Since the art of no-holds-barred slapstick has been in sorry decline for years, it is to the filmmakers’ credit that they dare to take a gag-for-gag’s-sake approach. And they succeed in creating numerous inventively zany moments that don’t entirely insult your intelligence. Surprisingly, the script (by director Steve Oedekerk) would be funny enough without Carrey’s incessant gyrations, and its opening scene is a literal cliffhanger worthy of the best Bond thrillers—if Bond were an utter moron. At almost every area theater. See Showtimes for venues. (Dave Nuttycombe)