I AM WRITING IN REFerence to Mark Jenkins’ review of the film Leaving Las Vegas (Film, 11/10). Although I live in the Cleveland metropolitan area and do not have access to Washington City Paper, my family and I have been copied by MGM/UA on nearly all the media’s commentary regarding Leaving Las Vegas, including yours.

For someone who never knew my brother to describe him as an alcoholic who quit drinking only to shoot himself was insensitive and professionally incompetent. Although John’s alcohol addiction was profound, this statement is also hopelessly inaccurate.

Those John left behind loved him and mourn his death daily. We understand that the ironic tragedy of his suicide is, on occasion, necessary to include in a report. It has been cited frequently in an objective manner. Even this responsible reporting can be painful. Mr. Jenkins is the only one who has chosen to put forth the details of John’s death with a cruel, condescending tone.

This review was read by both of my parents. Fortunately, they dismissed it as flippant and unthinking. I am not so benevolent and regard this as unconscionable commentary.

Broadview Heights, Ohio