grievous historical errors in Dave McKenna’s article on the decline of Annandale High School football (“Skins Heads,” 11/17). First of all, Annandale has had losing seasons prior to this year. In 1985, Annandale finished 4-6. Prior to this year’s 2-8 disaster, 1985’s 4-6 record was the Atoms’ only losing campaign since the 1950s. After Annandale opened in 1954, the school had several losing seasons until the end of the ’50s.

As for Coach Adams’ background, he did not play on two teams that “went all the way.” Coach Adams was a sophomore center on the 1972 state championship team. This was the only Annandale team that “went all the way” during Coach Adams’ playing days. And he has coached only two Annandale teams that won the state championship, not four.

I’m proud to say that during my two years at T.C. Williams (Annandale’s longtime rival for Northern Virginia gridiron supremacy), my class of fellow football players shut out the Atoms two straight seasons (17-0 in 1976 and 10-0 in 1977). T.C. Williams was the only team to achieve this incredible feat during Annandale’s dynasty period in the 1970s.


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