and the smug Blagden Alley Community “Association” were really interested in addressing the cultural differences allegedly rampant in their area (The Mail, 12/1), they should form an outreach committee to study the problem. Sure, it is easy to rant and rave at disadvantaged crack (a vicious “code word” for minority) whores and “johns,” even fashionable in some closed-minded quarters to express homophobic opinions about transvestites, and (incredible on any “association” ’s part) to disparage new business professionals. So what if these professionals are bused into the area? Does every entrepreneur have to arrive in a limo? (As an aside, maybe straight to a hidden “association” agenda, just what kind of “association” hangs out in an “alley”? Is this group in fact not some sort of rival gang?)

Presuming the “association” is genuinely high-minded, why do they not take up the holy PC banner of community activism and volunteerism; reach out to and address “differences” in others, eliminate fearful ignorance by inviting them into their homes for potentially enriching cross-cultural encounters: discussions, dinner, tea, meet the children, maybe stay the night and get to intimately know each other. There is always room for expanding cultural horizons. Try “walking the mile” in each other’s shoes by role-swap play. Maybe the “association” members may find that crack, whoring, wholesale exhibitionism, and occasional violence is really just another valid lifestyle not appropriately subject to bitter value judgments.

Capitol Hill

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