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tough on Mick Fleetwood, who was kind enough to be an award presenter at the 10th Annual Washington Area Music Awards (The WAMMIES) (“Artifacts,” 11/10). I would like to correct some errors in your coverage. First, you criticized him for sitting at a front-and-center table. Big deal! But for the record, WAMA chose the table. Then you criticized him for making remarks from the podium about “nurturing talent;” which of course is what the WAMMIES is all about.

You then go on to criticize him for not appearing later in the show and for walking off with the “special envelope for that category.” I only wish you had checked with me before shooting from the hip. Mick was not scheduled to appear later in the show and he did not walk off with the envelope. The error was ours, not his.

The Washington music community is fortunate to have a club owner such as Mick Fleetwood. He runs a first-rate nightclub, where the entertainment and the musicians are paramount. His efforts should be applauded and appreciated, not slammed for no apparent reason.

President, WAMA