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Not since the early-’70s heyday of Erich von Däniken has the U.S. credulity industry been so flush, but the TV show responsible for putting it in the pink, Fox’s X-Files, does best when it shuns conspiracy-mongering. X has milked comic disgust since—one episode’s contagion spreads when a scientist stumbling across a decaying carcass in the rain forest pops a huge boil and the pus spurts into his mouth; another story features a translator of Italian Renaissance verse who preys on chubby lonelyhearts by regurgitating acid on them while necking, then feasting on their rendered fat—but its classic third episode remains unsurpassed. In “Squeeze” (and its sequel “Tooms”), Doug Hutchison plays Eugene Victor Tooms, a liver-eating contortionist who retires for 30-year spells to his bile-lined nest until hunger forces him to take a job as a rat-juice-licking animal-control officer whose search for suitable organ donors attracts the notice of our heroes Mulder and Scully. Meet the fellow known affectionately as “Liver Boy” with X-Files comic writer Stefan Petrucha and cover artist Miran Kim from noon-4 p.m. at Another Universe, 3060 M St. NW. FREE. (202) 333-8651. (Glenn Dixon)