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interest your wide-ranging feature, “A Mighty Fortress” (12/8).

For First Church of Christ, Scientist, I would like to make several comments.

Our fence was not constructed out of fear but out of practical considerations of sanitation and cleanliness—to prevent the use of our portico as a public bathroom, and because we did not want distasteful and unsanitary conditions to persist.

We continue to provide a tape of our weekly Bible lesson sermon in Spanish, which people attending our Sunday services can hear through earphones. We have changed from our earlier 9 a.m. services in Spanish so that we can all be together at 10:30 a.m. Also, there is always someone who can translate if anyone wishes to speak in Spanish at our Wednesday-evening meetings.

Years ago, we gave the city the land for the park across from the church on Euclid Street NW, and a member of our First Church is now serving on the committee

for the upcoming renovation of the park.

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Adams Morgan