twice and skipped one key fact in reviewing “The Best of the New York Erotic Film Festival” (Film Listings, 12/8).

Lie No. 1: The movie is “prurient.” Nonsense. The only thing arousing about this fuzzy bunch of age- and use-worn prints of shorts mostly made more than a decade ago (no copyright dates visible, but clues included funny haircuts, rotary phones, mod clothing, and my remembering seeing several of the films when Jimmy Carter was lusting in his heart and the White House) was the urge to leave early—and several people did rise to that challenge.

Lie No. 2: DN would be “front-row center for every single screening” and would offer popcorn to your readers. What a fib, on both counts. When the lights finally came up, the front row was empty and I felt cheated out of both discovering what a “DN” is and enforcing an exchange of popcorn for a nice knuckle sandwich.

Skipped key fact: The usually reliable Key Theater was engaging in a $7 rip-off.

I suggest that you teach

DN how to use Washington City Paper’s usually reliable crap


Alexandria, Va