“D.C. probably has a million and one great choices,” says Jan Aaron, author of 101 Great Choices: Washington D.C. (NTC Publishing). “I chose things that people won’t know about, things that don’t get enough attention.” Although Aaron lives in New York City, she accepted an offer from NTC Publishing to write a Washington guidebook. The result spotlights offbeat attractions like Anthony Pitch’s Adams Morgan tour; the Black Heritage Tour; and the National Archives’ original copy of the Declaration of Independence. Aaron also recommends catching the last rays of the setting sun on the Mall’s landmarks from the 78-foot-high Marine Corps War Memorial or visiting the Woodrow Wilson House Museum, which she terms “a 1920s time capsule.” Most of the recommended sights are free, and with the savings, sightseers might be able to enjoy Aaron’s other favorites: lodging at the Four Seasons and eats at Citronelle or Palladin.