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The Last Enlightening Moment Before Sleep Prevails is a showcase for Sorry About Your Daughter guitarist Jeff Aug, but he doesn’t go it alone. The album is mostly a series of instrumental duets that pair Aug’s guitar with bass, violin, cello, percussion, and (on one bluesy live track) harmonica. Despite the occasional intrusive sound effects, Moment mostly keeps things simple: The prettiest compositions simply counter Aug’s guitar with Brad Knoble’s cello or Doug Empie’s violin. Left to his own devices, Aug’s finger-picking folk-guitar style suggests such hippie-era predecessors as John Fahey and Sandy Bull—though Aug doesn’t seem quite cosmic enough to follow their paths—while “Plumbing” (one of the four tracks recorded live at College Park’s Planet X) occasionally suggests “Embryonic Journey,” a Jorma Kaukonen guitar workout from the early days of Jefferson Airplane. Aug’s clearly not a ’60s kid, though: He closes the proceedings with a piece that offers variations on the melodies of four songs from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Aug plays Wednesday at Food for Thought; his album is available from Diesel Boy Records, P.O. Box 1081, North College Park, MD 20741.