After 24 sassy issues of the Northwest Side Story, editor and publisher Jeffrey Itell is calling it quits. A former General Accounting Office wonk, Itell founded the upper Northwest community newspaper in October 1993 and has published monthly ever since, dropping 34,000 copies at stores and front doors. His wit (and a seemingly endless desire to tweak Mayor Marion Barry) quickly won him a loyal readership—“I wrote something that everyone read, and [that] was a nice feeling,” he says—but advertising revenue didn’t keep pace with his rent check. Itell is hoping to enter the online publishing business, and he still plans to distribute a version of the Story by e-mail and fax. (Upper Northwest’s papers seem to be suffering from some fatal and contagious disease: The Uptown Citizen, a Ward 3 institution for more than 50 years, stopped publishing this summer.)