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The press release for D.C. quartet Major Healeys claims that the group combines “folk, punk, funk, jazz, and classic pop” to achieve its “all over the garage” sound. But there’s nothing particularly folksy, punky, funky, jazzy, or poppy on the band’s debut 7-inch EP, Tough. Instead, the record is scruffy, straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll. In a low monotone, singer/guitarist Andy Giegerich delivers broad-based attacks on jocks (the EP’s title track) and suburban consumers (“Shoppers”). The garage-rock roar of “Latent Mary Prozac” closes the record with a tale of a megalomanic manic-depressive. Tough is available for $3 from Udder Reckids, 9308 Ocala St., Silver Spring, MD 20901.