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AS LONGTIME FRIENDS OF Chairman Dave Clarke and his wife Carole, we feel that Jonetta Rose Barras accentuated the negative and minimized the positive qualities that make Dave Clarke the chairman the city needs for the D.C. Council (“The Strange World of David Clarke,” 9/29).

We don’t need one more slick politician who promises everything to everyone and sells out the rights of the people. We don’t need chameleons who go along to get along.

We need what Barras does recognize as Clarke’s strong suit—an elected official who is “trustworthy,” “honest,” “dedicated to D.C.,” “a man of true principles,” and a very hard worker.

Temper is a human foible. It is far outshadowed by passion to do what is right. In the long run, our city will fare well following the leadership of a dedicated, honest person such as Dave Clarke.

Foggy Bottom