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THANK GOD, THANK GOD, thank God. The wise voters of D.C. do not listen to Washington City Paper and have voted in favor of Dave Clarke each time he has run for the D.C. Council since 1972. The D.C. voters have wanted honesty, dedication, and toughness, and Clarke comes with all three in spades. Why waste all of the print and pages and rags or trees needed to produce all of the paper used for Jonetta Rose Barras’ story about Clarke (“The Strange World of David Clarke,” 9/29)? Your paper has never liked Clarke, so just say, “We don’t like Clarke.”

It is too bad City Paper‘s staff did not learn from Aristotle that accurate knowledge begins in knowing the details of life. Knowledge of the forest depends on detailed knowledge of the real trees, plants, soil, and carrying capacity of the environment. City Paper‘s nihilism falsely presumes that one’s impressionistic view of the forest somehow equates to knowing or seeing the forest. The truth is that one knows next to nothing by looking at the forest from a distance.

Who cares what Harold Brazil, Willy Hardy, or Julius Hobson Jr. say about Clarke? Hardy as a councilperson was unreal, vindictive, and ignorant routinely. Brazil, John Ray, Jack Evans, Charlene Drew Jarvis, and Bill Lightfoot have always undermined Clarke’s leadership. None of them have worked on the council in favor of the city and its least-privileged citizens, as has Clarke. None of them have the integrity of Clarke. All of them except Clarke are routinely suspected of representing suburban political interest within the real estate, banking, and office-owner and building industry to the detriment of the financial and political strength of the citizens of the District.

Many grown persons in and out of government have tempers they struggle to control. Clarke may well have an emotional handicap in his inability to control his temper, but does City Paper challenge the public taboo which discourages so many politicians from using medicines to control their moods? I can see City Paper publishing a punishing and stupid article disclosing that some D.C. Council candidate or member daily uses Prozac, Zoloft, or similar anti-depressant drugs. Deny it, but it is true. You are without a moral rudder, and you pander to negativism and elitism like a slobbering dog.

Clarke’s staff is as responsible for its interactions with him as he is for his actions. A staff often undermines angry supervisors even subconsciously. Staff members can learn how to confront a boss’s angry behavior and not let it upset them or intimidate them. What has City Paper done to help employees and bosses having this problem find useful and effective ways to change themselves and become free of these problems?

I strongly urged Clarke to run for council chairman when he felt it made more sense to run at large. His experience and skills have served D.C.’s residents and voters well during these very trying times. Only a fool or a liar would blame Clarke for the divisive behavior and positions taken by Ray, Brazil, Evans, Jarvis, and others.

Adams Morgan