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JUDGING BY “THE MAN Who Would Not Disappear”(9/22), the death of communism is greatly exaggerated. It’s still impossible to pry liberal lips from communist asses with a crowbar.

Would Patrick Symmes care about Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt if they were Nazi agents instead of communist agents? Would he care about Salvador Allende if he were a democratically elected Nazi and he announced his intention to establish a Nazi dictatorship in Chile to foment Nazi revolutions throughout South America? Would Symmes still admire the Institute for Policy Studies if it were a Nazi front instead of a communist front?

If not, what is the reason for this ideological double standard? Why do “liberals” always prefer communists to Nazis? Certainly it is not because of the extermination of the Jews. Communist genocide dwarfs Nazi genocide, and compared to Pol Pot, Hitler seemed like Thomas Jefferson. And Hitler never built a wall to prevent his own people from leaving.

Alexandria, Va.