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Patrick Gill and Craig Dean, the gay couple who fought District laws prohibiting same-sex marriage, admit now that their relationship ended in February 1994, 18 months before they gave up the lawsuit in defeat. Dean and Gill filed suit in 1990 to force the District to grant them a marriage license. Earlier this year, three D.C. Court of Appeals judges ruled that denying the license was constitutional, and last month the full court endorsed that decision. Gill and Dean kept their breakup secret in hopes of winning, but Gill says if the court had granted them a license, he and Dean wouldn’t have used it to get married. “We would have had a victory in the case,” he says, but no marriage ceremony. The cause of the breakup is mired in a case of he said/he said. The Washington Blade reported last week that Dean said the pressures of the long lawsuit drove the couple apart. But Gill says their problems had nothing to do with the lawsuit. Had the couple stayed together, they might have made history by becoming the first American gay couple to legally marry and legally divorce.