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Eruptions of Funk, a group of about 150 Howard University students, has leased two buses to shuttle students around town for a dollar a ride. Profits will be set aside for textbook grants and tuition assistance that Howard students will compete for in an essay contest. “We’re not really in this for the money,” says junior Michael Kheop, president of the entreprenurial ensemble. “We’re in it for a higher satisfaction.” The shuttle departs from three campus stops—Tubman Quadrangle, Drew Hall, and the Howard Plaza Towers—every 30 minutes on Thursday and Friday evenings and weekend days, and proceeds to the Georgia Avenue Safeway, Union Station, and Georgetown. Additional hours and routes are planned, including weekend treks to the Smithsonian, the Holocaust Museum, and other cultural sites. The group wants to demonstrate that Howard students “can do for ourselves, even at this age,” says Kheop. Eruptions of Funk hopes to launch other enterprises, including a campus coffee shop, so they can buy area high-schoolers books to help them prep for college.