Like GWAR, Emergency Broadcast Network gained notoriety for its live shows, in which a well-dressed guy rants at a podium as two DJs cut sounds amid flashing TVs and strobing lights. Unlike GWAR, however, the Providence, R.I., outfit’s recorded efforts are worthwhile in their own right. On Telecommunication Breakdown, the trio fuses a near-constant flurry of samples (from TV, movies, and just about anything else) with an intriguingly varied techno sound: “Get Down Ver. 2.2” unfolds around a Harrison Ford exclamation, crunching guitars, and scratching turntables, while the languid “Sexual Orientation” relies on the interplay between sultry horns and vocalist Josh Pearson’s heavily echoed commentary. Despite such strong selections, EBN can’t resist showcasing its info-terrorism shtick: When plugged into a CD-ROM, Telecommunication presents a blitz of computer graphics as well as complete videos for three tracks. It’s a momentary diversion, however, and Telecommunication can fall back on the thick beats of “Dream Induction” and “We Must Have the Facts” once the gimmick gets old.