After years of grass-roots popularity, Southern Culture on the Skids has indentured itself to Geffen for Dirt Track Date. Fortunately, Date‘s 14 high-octane tracks retain the Chapel Hill, N.C., threesome’s rustic charm. Inaugurating this release are the stage standard “Voodoo Cadillac” (which incorporates a swampy guitar sound à la Creedence) and the innuendo-filled chicken anthem “Eight Piece Box”—two songs previously released on SCOTS’ Moist Records release, Too Much Pork for Just One Fork. Rick Miller’s vibrato-reliant guitar propels an instrumental ode to Link Wray titled “Skullbucket,” as well as the Dick Dale-ish, grunt-filled “Galley Slave.” Miller also tackles most of the band’s singing duties, but bassist Mary Huff belts a 12-bar blues song, “Nitty Gritty,” and duets with Miller on the upbeat “Whole Lotta Things.” The band plays Friday, Oct. 22, at the 9:30 Club with Swinging Neckbreakers and Jumpin’ Jupiter.