Flipside magazine has lately expanded its coverage of the punk scene to include the likes of fey Englanders Suede. Flipside Records hasn’t been so receptive to change, and has continued to favor bands like Sandy Duncan’s Eye. That is, until now. With 25,000 Feet per Second, the debut album by L.A.’s Farflung, Flipside steps from its insular punk-rock capsule and into space rock. The album’s title track, a delirious dirge padded with soaring, spacey sounds, recalls the best of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd—and much of the disc owes a debt to those aging masters of the trance-rock universe, Hawkwind. (Most of Farflung’s members backed up former Hawkwind saxophonist/flutist/vocalist/robot Nik Turner on his Space Ritual ’95 tour.) While “Greater Waters” suggests the sci-fi epics of late-’70s/early-’80s proto-cyberpunks Chrome, the hypnotic beat of “Don’t Forget to Breathe” recalls Farflung’s fellow Hawkwind devotees, Loop.