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THANKS FOR YOUR informative reporting on the $45-million crime-fighting proposal and the D.C. government’s reaction to it (“Loose Lips,” 9/1). Can there by any doubt that this money is urgently needed to give the District police force sorely needed resources?

To illustrate the District’s need for these funds, Loose Lips quoted some Capitol Hill crime statistics that I supplied. Unfortunately, the context that I provided for these stats was omitted, giving the impression that criminals are lurking under every rock on the Hill. Yes, crime is up compared to the same period last year in the three police beats quoted in the article. However, crime is also down this year in several other areas of the Hill, including Stanton Park and Union Station. Furthermore, violent crime has decreased in almost all of the Hill’s public-housing complexes—a very encouraging sign.

Capitol Hill has in the past been a frequent target for sensationalistic reporting. Nevertheless, the Hill remains a strong, viable, committed, and contributing community in this city. In the future, I urge those reporting on city issues, including Washington City Paper, to provide District residents and others with an informed and balanced picture of Capitol Hill and its neighborhoods.

Capitol Hill Restoration Society, Capitol Hill