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Because 18th Street wasn’t closed off, scores of officers were forced to direct traffic through celebrants who spilled off the sidewalk. Stationed at the corner of 18th and Kalorama, Officer Joseph D. Zelinka felt an overwhelming need to dance. Inspired by blasting salsa music, Zelinka began to boogie. First a gentle sashay, then a slight cha-cha-cha. As a crowd gathered, Zelinka got funky, leading his audience in a wave-your- hands-in-the-air sway. “And the thing is, he’s a white guy!” one admirer muttered. As fellow officers giggled, Zelinka bumped and grinded, blew his whistle to the beat, and, oh yeah, directed traffic. He grabbed the arm of a fellow officer and do-se-doed her. Finally, a supervisor told Zelinka to cool it. He obliged—for a while. Then he threw down his cap and did a Mexican hat dance and even dropped into a Russian kick step. Women had their photos taken with Zelinka. Men asked for autographs. Tapping the cop’s Subway cup, one admirer queried, “What’s in that, man?” Zelinka just smiled, and shimmied away.