Many of the 200,000 people who turned out for Adams Morgan Day last Sunday were pissed that 18th Street wasn’t closed for the celebration. In the past, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) blocked off restaurant row for free. This year, MPD refused to put up the barricades unless festival organizers coughed up more than $100,000 toward police overtime. The festival’s board couldn’t afford it. So a deal was struck to blockade Champlain Street for a more reasonable $20,000, says Pedro Lujan, owner of Avignon Freres and vice president of the festival’s board. Three years ago, the liquor vendors were nixed. This year, the streets were switched. Next year, the festival might get rid of the food vendors and with them the need to block off streets. Instead, says Lujan, restaurants would have mini-cafés on the sidewalks in front of their establishments. Maybe the name of the festival should be changed, too. How about: “just another day in Adams Morgan?”