I AM VERY CONCERNED about the inaccurate portrayal of my position regarding the leases of buildings to house employees who are currently in the area to be occupied by the new arena. My position on this issue has been clear from its inception: It is a bad deal for the city, and we do not need to lease additional space when the government has empty space in government-owned facilities.

In the Aug. 25 edition of Washington City Paper, Loose Lips stated that I was “undecided” on the aforementioned issue. My office called Bill Rice to state my correct position. In the Sept. 1 Loose Lips column, I am still referred to as being undecided. It is particularly distressing to me that at no time was an effort made to contact me or anyone in my office to ascertain where I stood on the issue.

In the future, I would appreciate the courtesy of a call before you state my position on matters pending before the Council of the District of Columbia.

Councilmember, At-Large, Judiciary Square