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I READ YOUR AUG. 18 item by Elliott Negin, “How the Bomb was Spun,” and have never read such unadulterated nonsense.

As my dear departed grandmother was fond of saying, “Paper stands still while the liberals (especially wounded ones) write anything on it.”

May I send a message to Negin?

Get a life, Elliott. You’re in the right business for your ethics, but the wrong business for a real career. Of course, you could always join Bird in his office. You two are natural soul mates in the twisting of facts to suit your preconceptions.

If you want a really explosive issue on which to write, find out where the funds came from that support these maverick historians. We do know who partially funded the Smithsonian’s Constitution exhibit and American University’s Hiroshima display/Japan trip. Both were reported in the press as funded by Japan’s associations. Historians seem to have no conception of the term “conflict of interest.”

And I wish you, the publisher, every success in your paper. If this is a sample of your best, you are going to need it.

Northbrook, Ill.