Is ’70s retro still hip? If so, local singer/songwriter Mark Philips is surely in vogue. References to the pop music spawned during the “me” decade are all over Philips’ latest CD, Only Emotion—In the face of adversity. In addition to its split-level title, the disc’s ’70s references include Philips’ choice of producer, Timm Biery, who did a stint as the drummer for Mahogany Rush, backup band to Carter-era guitar-hero Frank Marino. Then there’s Philips’ song stylings and vocal delivery, which recall the chart-friendly post-Traffic offerings of Dave Mason (never more so than on “There Ain’t Nothing Like a Friend”). Guitarist Bob Feister’s harmonics-drenched lead runs fill out the period piece. Only Emotion is $12 postpaid from Anubis Records, 1000 South Belgrade Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20902.